Commercial system SDV4 archive


  • Cooling capacity 9kW
  • Heating capacity 9kW
  • Indoor units are separate products
Power Input Cooling 2,3 kW
EER - 3,91 kW / kW
Power Input Heating 2,27 kW
COP - 3,96 kW / kW
Operating Range - Cooling - - 15 ~ 48 °C
Operating Range - Heating - - 15 ~ 27 °C
Power Supply - 220–240 / 1 / 50 V / Ph / Hz
Sound Pressure Level at 1 m - 57 dB(A)
Airflow - 5531 m3 / h
Vertical Pipe Length On Top / Bellow 30 / 20 m
Actual Pipe Length - 20 m
Equivalent Pipe Length - 50 m
Total Pipe Length - 100 m
Refrigerant / Charge / Eq. CO2 - R410A / 2,95 / 6,16 type / kg / t
Number of indoor units - 5 pcs
Packing Dimensions w x h x d 1120 x 1015 x 435 mm
Capacity Heating 9,0 kW
Net Weight - 74,0 kg
Gross Weight - 81,0 kg
Net Dimension w x h x d 990 x 966 x 336 mm
Capacity Cooling 9,0 kW
Package volume - 0,495 m3
Spacing of holes on consoles (OU) wight x depth 624 x 366 mm

Actual pipe length is total distance between the first branch joint and the farthest indoor unit.
Equivalent pipe length is total distance between the first branch joint and the farthest indoor unit prolonged by 0,5 meter for each installed branch joint.
Total pipe length is the distance between outdoor unit and the first branch joint, twice the distance of the all pipes between the branch joints and the sum of distances from each branch joint to indoor unit.

The pictures of units and accessories are illustrative only. Technical specifications of the products are subject of change based on further development of the units by the producer and may be changed without prior notice. If the ask of the output power is greater than the nominal value of the outdoor unit (or a combination of outdoor units, hereinafter the outdoor unit) the output power may be limited to a maximum of 100% of the nominal capacity of the outdoor unit. During the overall performance requirements of less than 10% of the nominal power can cause overcooling of the room operated by the indoor unit. The outdoor unit in order to protect the compressor can reject to start until the demand of power is in balance with potential risks.
The device contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Refrigerant: R410A (50% HFC-32, 50% HFC-125) with GWP (Global Warming Potential) 2088.


  1.  Capacities are based on the following conditions: Cooling: Indoor temperature 27°C DB / 19°C WB; Outdoor temperature 35°C DB / 24°C WB. Heating: Indoor temperature 20°C DB / 15°C WB; Outdoor temperature 7°C DB / 6°C WB. Piping length: Interconnecting piping length is 7.5m, level difference is 0m.
  2. Connection piping diameter is based on the condition that the total equivalent liquid length is less than 90m. When the total equivalent liquid length is more than 90m, please refer to technical manual to choose the connection piping diameter.
  3. Sound values are measured in a semi-anechoic room, at a position 1m in front of the unit and 1.3m above the floor.
  4. The above data may be changed without notice for further improvement on quality and performance.


  1. Nominal cooling capacities are based on the following conditions: return air temperature: 27°C DB / 19°C WB, outdoor temperature: 35°C DB, equivalent ref. piping: 8m (horizontal).
  2. Nominal heating capacities are based on the following conditions: return air temperature: 20°CDB, outdoor temperature: 7°C DB / 6°C WB, equivalent ref. piping: 8m (horizontal).
  3. Sound values are measured at a position 1.4m in front of the unit.

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