We always try to keep in mind the horizon of certainty, stability and prospects for the future of the SINCLAIR brand and our partners.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that through the acquisition of 85% of the shares in SINCLAIR Global Group s.r.o., and with the option to acquire the remaining shares, we are becoming part of the BEIJER REF Group. The parties have signed a binding agreement on December 17, 2020, and the takeover is scheduled for 31 December 2020.

BEIJER REF is a global company with approximately 70 subsidiaries in regions throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. The group's annual turnover is approximately EUR 1.5 billion. The group provides a wide range of products worldwide. The supplied products cover a range of commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. BEIJER REF is a company traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange in Stockholm.

We believe this new merger will further strengthen the position of the SINCLAIR brand and the fact that it becomes part of BEIJER REF will bring many new synergies.

The setting of business relations as well as the name of our company remains unchanged. Our products will continue to be distributed and sold under the SINCLAIR brand through existing sales channels, but will also be launched in several other BEIJER REF markets.

Osvedceni o zapojeni do systemu 2015 A BEIJER REF Press Release

Our Clients And Business Partners

Our strength is quality products with reasonable price setting. We have very wide product range, with very good stock availability whole year round. We put emphasis on aftersales service, spare parts availability and technical support, also we provide technical trainings. With our partners we create long term, mutually benefitial business cooperation.

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