The information on the functions of individual air conditioners can be found in the user manuals, catalogue or our website. Since one type of universal controller is used for multiple types of units, it is not possible to activate all functions of the controller for each type of unit. If you press a button of the function that is not supported by the unit, the air conditioner remains in its previous state.


The operation of the unit depends on the temperature measured by the sensor of the controller. The sensor inside the controller detects the room temperature and sends the information to the unit. The unit then adjusts the temperature and fan speed to achieve the desired temperature while meeting the energy-saving condition. The controller sends updated information every 10 minutes. If the unit does not receive this information, its operation depends on the temperature measured by the sensor inside the unit.


The air conditioner adjusts the outlet temperature to ensure a comfortable sleeping and energy saving.


The air conditioner keeps the room temperature at 8°C to prevent freezing.


Selected SINCLAIR air conditioner models are equipped with HEALTH function. This very useful function is provided by the Cold Plasma generator, which is integrated into the indoor unit of the split AC. On most models, the HEALTH function is activated automatically together with the indoor unit fan. The combination of the integrated Cold Plasma generator and air filters of AC will ensure a considerable inactivation of airborne pathogens.

During operation, the indoor AC unit draws the air from the room, which may contain dust or airborne particles, including bacteria. At the same time, millions of negative ions are emitted to the narrowest space where the air passes through the Cold Plasma generator, and these ions literally stick to these particles and bacteria. Negative ions cause the particles and bacteria become too heavy to remain in the air and they are trapped by the air filter. Thanks to the COLD PLASMA technology, the air in the room is cleaner, fresher and has a significantly reduced amount of bacteria after only 2 hours of operation.

Protect your family using the COLD PLASMA technology! This will reduce the probability of getting the flu or other illnesses caused by airborne bacteria. In addition, reducing allergens in such purified air has a positive effect on allergy sufferers.


When the TURBO function is enabled, the fan will run at maximum speed and it is, therefore, possible to achieve a rapid decrease/increase of the room temperature to the desired value. In the event of a power failure, the function setting is retained.

  • In the Dry, Fan and Auto modes, the Turbo function is not available and its symbol is not displayed.
  • Turning on the Quiet mode will automatically deactivate the Turbo function.
  • You can also use the Fan button to set the Turbo function.


The unit adjusts its operating parameters to maximize energy savings. When you press the SAVE button, “SE” appears on the display and the unit enters the power saving mode. Pressing this button again will cancel the SAVE mode. The temperature and fan speed cannot be set in the power saving mode.


After activating the Wi-Fi function, the unit can be controlled by an application on your smartphone or tablet. Detailed instructions are available for the corresponding products on this website.

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